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Join Us FAQ

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Join Us FAQ

Q:How can I join this clan?

A:You can fill in a join us form, it can be found here, Link: ... Itemid=798

Q:What are the requirements to join SOH?

A: Website account, Mic and Teamspeak 3 and some understanding of English is always a help.

Q: Is there a minimum age to join ?

A:Not at the moment.

Q:Do I have to pay to be in SOH?

A:No, however servers are not free and we do encourage donations.

Q:Can any clan member accept me into SOH?

A:NO, only the following list can but then any member can recommend you.

8IK (Join us emails)

Q:I have sent a join us, why haven't I got a reply?

A:Please allow 48 hours, if you haven't heard anything by then make a forum post or PM one of the above people.

Q:Why do I get a error when I fill in a join us?

A:Check you have your email address spelt correct.

Q:I have just been accepted why have I been kicked from the server?

A:Ask the member what delt with your join us, to add you to the new members list. (this is to prevent none members using our tags)
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